The Planet Money Project

I've challenged myself to illustrate economic concepts. I've been listening to the smart, entertaining, NPR podcast Planet Money and creating editorial illustrations based on the show.

Episode 687: Buy This Passport

Most of us don’t think of citizenship as a product. It’s something more: It’s part of who you are. On today’s show, we look at what happens when citizenship goes up for sale.

Planet Money #675: The Cost of Crossing

Sneaking people across the U.S.-Mexico border is a well established, booming business. Today on the show, we meet a businessman and a client in the evolving industry of human smuggling.

Planet Money #680: Anatomy of a Scam

You’ve seen these ads: “You can work from home and get rich. It’s easy. Call this number!” So, what happens when you respond?

Planet Money #684: The Return of the Colonel

There’s a secret war going on inside every franchise. At KFC, it all goes back to a guy with a white beard and a black string tie: Colonel Harland Sanders.

Planet Money #283: Why Do We Tip?

According to one theory, we tip because we feel guilty, not because we want better service.

Planet Money #820: P is for Phosphorus

Phosphate is a crucial element, for farming, and for life. And there aren’t too many places to get it. What if it runs out?

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