Shadow Patterns

I started this project to explore my interest in perspective. How can one pattern look so different when viewed under different lighting conditions? I love the idea that there is no absolute truth - only different ways of seeing the same thing. As the light changes, these paper sculptures appear drastically different. They become harder, softer, more complicated, simpler. All are true. 

I created this project as part of an online 100 Day Project organized by the artist Elle Luna based on a class assignment Michael Beiruit designed for his MFA students at Yale. Every day for 100 consecutive days artists around the world posted their chosen creative expression on Instagram. It was great fun until day 30. Then it got hard. Day 50 I was all out of ideas but kept showing up - I discovered that if you can keep showing up, you can make it to 100 and find some gems you wouldn’t have found any other way.

Shadow Patterns  Cut paper. 2015.
This is a small selection of the 100 patterns I created. To see the entire project, click here.
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