Facebook Live

Facebook wanted to announce a new product, Facebook Live, in the fall of 2016. I was part of an enormous team of creatives and producers that introduced Facebook Live to the world. For my corner of the project we found humorus Facebook Live videos that users had released publicly and cut them into 15 second films that ran on TV. People are amazing.

Wow, this one was a team effort. Thanks to the CDs at Facebook for the opportunity to work on these fun ads: Demian Olivera, Larry Corwin, Scott Trattner, Luke Martin. And the producers: Heather Michaels, Brooke Taylor, Margaret McLaughlin. As well as my freelance partner, Cat Doran and the editioral and graphics team at Spotwelders.

iPad Mini Print

To introduce the iPad Mini we ran print ads on the back cover of magazines that showcased the Mini at actual size.
The image on the Mini screen was a replica of the front cover of the magazine. In this way consumers could get a taste of the new product experience.
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